My worldview is my perception or interpretation of the world around me. My worldview leans strongly to that of theHebrew worldview, which stresses God as the center of all things. I believe that God’s revelation, through the Bible, is superior to human reason. I believe there is nothing secular; all things are spiritual, because the Bible applies to all of life. Dualism, the belief that there can be a division between the secular and the spiritual, is therefore not a part of my worldview. My worldview is based on moral absolutism, which establishes an unchanging standard of right and wrong. I believe the only basis for determining truth and morality is through God’s Word, where moral absolutes are both explicitly and implicitly shown. God’s Word, the moral standard, is fully inspired by God, to the very letter of the Word. This belief is known as plenary inspiration. God’s natural and moral attributes bear significant weight on the authority of Scripture. Because God cannot make mistakes, His Word is inerrant. Because God is perfect, and cannot lie, His Word is infallible. Because God does not lie and make mistakes, He means what He says, and His Word has authorityGod’s Word is also all-sufficient, meaning that it contains all that is necessary to salvation and to live a life that is pleasing to God.  I believe that it is through the illumination of the Holy Spirit that a person is able to understand God’s Word.

  My worldview holds to the belief that God is sovereign over this world, He owns it, and moves it towards its consummation. Man holds a special place in God’s creation, and therefore human life is both sanctified and has a purpose. Our purpose when we were created was to fulfill that Cultural Mandate. After sin came into the world, the Great Commission was issued by Christ to replace the Cultural Mandate. Human life is sanctified, and therefore abortion, euthanasia, and murder are all acts of impudence towards God and are based on the false assumptions that man is in charge of life and death.

  I believe that man should imitate the fatherhood of God to be good husbands and fathers. Adam provided an example of inadequate leadership during the fall of man, but Christ provided an example of loving leadership through His love for the church. A family needs open and honest communication, and the couple that forms the family should be born again and want to be like Christ. Additional factors to be considered by a couple include but are not limited to: religious backgrounds, personality traits, culture, education, physical attraction, age difference, desirability of children and family size. I believe God has order in His creation and has different roles for family members to play. The father is to be the head, the wife is to follow, and the children are to obey their parents. All are equal, but they do not play the same roles. The lack of a Godly head or the unwillingness of a family member to play their God appointed role often results in dire consequences.

  My worldview believes that dating is unbiblical, and courtship is the way a couple gets to know one another prior to marriage. Courtship is different from dating in that it includes family and friends and it avoids tempting circumstances. Dating has many adverse effects which damage many a young person’s Christian life.

  I believe that we are created to learn, and the foundation of all education is God’s Word, which is the source of all truth. We learn through both general and specific revelation—nature and God’s Word. Nature makes us aware of the physical attributes of God, but God’s Word tells us about Christ, salvation, and morality. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s education, but may enlist outside help if it educates the children in a manner consistent with Scripture.

  I believe that art should be used to glorify God. Art, whether in the form of music, literature, or paintings, should be done decently and in order, and should be used for God’s glory. Once again, the standard for determining good or bad art should not be one’s taste or opinion, but rather God’s Word. The three forms of government given by God are the church, the family, and the government. When a Christian votes, he should not vote based on which candidates’ plan sounds best, but rather which candidates’ plan is most in line with Scripture. Therefore, politics and religion are interlinked and cannot be separated. One’s religion should determine one’s view of politics.

  These convictions stated above are by no means all encompassing. As I read and study Scripture, God will strengthen or give me godly convictions that I hope to live by. As I see all things through the light of God’s Word, I will be applying a truly Biblical worldview.

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