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Disclaimer: Just because I recommend these sites does not mean I entirely endorse everything that is on the site. It is impossible to check these sites every day and see if there are doctrinal errors, but I will update these links to the best of my knowledge. The Bible is the sole authority. Be discerning as you use these sites.

Books and Literature

David Cloud – Way of Life Literature
A conservative fundamental baptist literature ministry.

Sharpened Arrows
Great resources for young people!

Ed Dunlop Ministries
This website has free wholesome ebooks for both children and teens. I and my siblings have personally read through every one of them. I have not read the main series, the Terrestria Chronicles, so I am not sure about it and do not endorse it. I will give an update if I read it. I do not entirely endorse him and his ministry, but his free ebooks, “The Jed Cartwright Adventure Series” certainly make a good read.

Squeaky Clean Reads
This is not a Christian website, but it rates books just like movie ratings. A Christian should not be reading filthy books. You can use this website as a guide in choosing good books. (Disclaimer: I DO NOT support everything on their site, but these are reviews from people of the world, and if they think it is not good, then it is really bad. But if they say it is good, does not mean that it is good. Use this site with discretion.)

Saved at Sea (O.F. Walton)
This is a free ebook. This lighthouse story is very interesting, and it was used as my literature book for my homeschooling curriculum, ACE.


SwordSeacher is a brilliant bible study tool. It has many commentaries and useful books. It also has Bibles of other languages. SwordSeacher is certainly a must-have!

Bible Colleges
In these last days it is hard to find a sound baptist college that holds on to the core values of the Christian faith. But here are two of them!

Fairhaven Baptist College
Fairhaven is a fundamental Baptist, bible-believing bible college. I was recommended to this college by Bro. David Cloud, who goes there for conferences. For teens and youth who are planning to enter bible college, check this out!

Ambassador Baptist College
Ambassador Baptist College is another fundamental Baptist college. My dad knows Ron Comfort, the former president and chancellor of the college, and has met him before. This is another option for teens and youth who are planning to enter bible college.

Other Blogs
I have two friends who maintain blogs:

Edward Seow

Ronald Quick

and my sister… 🙂

Joanna Tan

Modest Clothing

1611 Skirts
I highly recommended 1611 Skirts. It offer good quality clothes for ladies at a reasonable price. It also has good offers from time to time. I have developed a relationship with the owner, David Richhart, and coordinate orders of culottes for the ladies at our church in Singapore.


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