THE RELATIONSHIP–Nathan Holmes and Joy Lindsey

Here goes! First story. The Nathan Holmes and Joy Lindsey stories are designed to help youth and teenagers see life in God’s Worldview.

Main Characters:

Holmes’ Family
Mr. John Holmes
Mrs. Wendy Holmes
Nathan Holmes
Nathan has siblings, but I don’t know when they will come in or what I will call them…YET! 🙂

Lindsey’s Family
Mr. Adam Lindsey
Mrs. Sarah Lindsey
Joy Lindsey

This is my first shot at writing a story, I am not very good and writing stories, but I hope my message comes across clearly. 😀


The pdfs are not downloadable nor printable.
Please email me at: myfather’ should you want a copy or leave a comment.


It’s Here! Standing for the Faith–The Struggles of Nathan Holmes and Joy Lindsey

Southern field

It started off as a story project for my English studies, but ended up with me wanting to start a series of stories.

Standing for the Faith’s mascots are here! Nathan Holmes, and Joy Lindsey. I hope you will enjoy reading the story as much as I did writing it.

Youth, heads up! I hope you will come away with precious lessons. (My writing may be poor, but I hope you get the message.)