Homeschooler No More

Next Monday will be my first day of going to school, and we’re busy sharing jokes about how we should take the ‘first-day-of-school-with-backpack’ photo, complete with parents sending to school and watching from outside the classroom.

From Home School, to Home Team, so far I’ve been at home. But now, the academic training will be put to the test, against a backdrop of thousands of seasoned school-goers. Afraid? Maybe yes, maybe no. Venturing into the unknown, (going back to study after almost 4 years of no school) that’s the scary part I guess. But confidence, because of Christ, and years of training. Years of training, Christian education, hard work, and God’s goodness along a path that has led through the doors of Asia-Pacific’s top University.

So the worlds will clash next Monday, and a new acid test lasting four long years will begin. 🙂 Exciting times in life. Homeschooler no more.




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