Another Year

SG51. It’s almost one week since the National Day Parade and I’ve been somewhat affected by the patriotic fervour. Can’t blame myself, I volunteered to be deployed for the celebrations. Was at the National Stadium earlier than the rest and left later than everyone else.

I love the old national day songs, Count on Me Singapore, Stand Up for Singapore, etc. They invoke the patriotic feelings and make me proud to be a Singaporean. The recent pop/rock genre songs have lacked the ‘feels’ if you put it that way.

Well, IMHO, the earlier NDP celebrations were about nation-building, a celebration to spur patriotism and nationalistic feelings, national unity, how we can contribute more to the growth of our nation.

After 50 years, the NDP has become a party. A time of excess and revelry, a celebration to just live it up. Well, the mentality is that we’ve worked so hard to make this great nation, now’s the time to enjoy. That’s what most of our younger generation has learnt. They have learnt to take for granted the toil and travail of our nation’s first citizens, as life has become easier and easier.

Everywhere, calls are being made, not to train the character and build our youth to be resilient and work through obstacles, but to tailor everything to their needs. To cater to each and every person whims and fancies. Gone are the good old days when hard work was the norm. The younger generation are taught to wait around a pursue that dream job. They are taught that they deserve better. When they don’t accomplish, the system is blamed. Teachers and schools are faulted. Government is faulted. Everyone and everything else is the problem. Selfishness reigns.

It’s just a random thought, and it won’t go a long way in solving the problem, but
#I wish Hugh Harrison would come back and start writing our NDP songs to have everyone singing the same anthem again.


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