My Church is 7!

7 years as a mission, 7 years as an independent church. Ambassador Baptist Church, the church I have grown up with and grown to love. 

Thank you, my church, for the friendships made through you. The opportunities for service that you have afforded me. The hardships, the toils, the distresses, the problems, that you have given to me and my family. Truly, you have made me grow up fast. You have been used of God to make me mature in the faith. 

But dear church, you are still young, and I hear and see that as churches grow older, they tend to be attracted to the world and go down the path of destruction. My church, be forewarned, the path ahead is treacherous, but by God’s grace, you will grow more and more into the pure and spotless bride that Christ wants you to be. And may I, also, grow more and more into the likeness of Christ with thee! 

Blessed 7th Anniversary! 


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