Home Sweet Home

Well, I’m back to blogging on my home blog again. After a year of inactivity, I have learned to treasure the year I spent just gaining experiences and in general, doing the things I loved, blogging, sharing my life experiences, teaching in school, working with kids, serving in church. Those were the days. Yep, those were the days when I was active on my three blogs, Facebook, and Instagram. Haha.

Wow, Jeremiah, you never leave home ar. Homeschool, and then to Home Team, Always at home ar, you?


that’s was a comment made by one of my friends back in Home Team Academy. Somehow, God has led me all the way down the path less traveled, but it has been for the greater good. I’ve had a different educational background for the past 18 years, growing up in homeschool, and had big reservations about heading to the NS, which I thought meant joining the army. Instead, fast forward 1 year. Instead of being in green, I belong to the select few in Singapore who haven’t fired a SAR, never gone on field camp, and never dug a shell-scrape. Haha. (It’s not because I’m PES C or have some sort of injury.) ‘

Well, you see, my pink letter (enlistment letter) came, I sorrowfully opened it with a heavy heart, and I saw the Singapore Police Crest on the paper, and orders to report to Home Team Academy in Choa Chu Kang. Instantly, my outlook on NS changed. Not that I was really looking forward to it, but I really wanted to know what kind of experience it would be. And it mean’t I didn’t need to leave home ground for the off-shore Pulau Tekong, and I would be a member of the Home Team, as a police officer in the Singapore Police Force.


Well, 3rd February, 2015, I enlisted, and joined the police force. Training was real long. I graduated in May from the Basic Course, and thanks be to God, got selected to be a patrol officer, which meant another stint of training at Home Team Academy. Graduation got postponed twice due to our extremely packed schedule. SG50 year, so it was.

Well, once in a lifetime experiences, so they say, and I worked at the 28th SEA Games, SG50 weekend celebrations, GE2015, and Para-SEAgames. Real tiring, but in retrospect, real fun. God has been good, and in the course of my police training, I was also sponsored with a driving licence, a monument of God’s grace.

Well, now, I’m policing my neighbourhood, and I’ve been getting so many real life experiences few people have. I’ve been seeing the worse side of society, really dealing with thugs and broken people. I guess I wasn’t able to experience or see any of it when I was home-schooled, but now I’m kinda immersed in it. Still I much value the experiences in the police force compared to the army, where I’m allowed to stay out and maintain my ministries in church, and follow-up bible studies. When I travel to work, and see all the children and people going about their daily life, I know that the work I’m doing has direct impact on their safety and livelihood. It all adds up to a meaningful experience.


It hasn’t been all that nice and rosy though. NS was expected to be my baptism of fire, to be an acid-test of my Christian faith. Well, it has done the part of being a real test. I have realized how easily habits of Bible reading and prayer can be lost in the busy-ness of life.

At the start, I was very hostile towards my environment. Entering training camp, I kept to a strict regimen of Bible reading and prayer, and really kept myself separate from worldly friends. People at first disliked me, but as I did my best in daily tasks, physical training and law studies, they gradually understood my stance and accepted me. By God’s grace, I led one friend to Christ and spurred Christians in camp to open their Bibles and read. I was frequently caught in discussions on faith and Christianity, and often called upon to debate/discuss with those of other religions. It was a so called high point in my Christian life. God was really good to me, oversaw my safety and gave me good supervisors.

Upon completion of my training, I was posted out to a patrol unit. I was very eager to join the patrol team and wanted to feel part of them, knowing the rest of my NS life would be spent there and as a result, my mental guard was dropped. Team members were nice to me, which helped my integration, but my guard was really lowered and I allowed many worldly influences to slip in, not because I wanted to, but I was exposed to them day in and day out. This was especially dangerous especially since I was really in the deep dark world of crime, exposed to the dark side of humanity. Compound it with my long shift-work hours, resistance to sin and temptation fell drastically.

Well, it was a time of spiritual decline in my personal life, and I was fighting tooth and nail to keep whatever remnants of it I had. After failing my driving test thrice, I was thoroughly chastened by God, and sought help to turn back. I realized that I had been allowing subtle influences to change my life and I needed to get my heart and life right with God once again.


So upon entering 2016, I have resolved to walk closer to God, and target to be closer to another Home. My heavenly home. 🙂 Really want to become a better Christian after all these experiences and grow more in Christ!

This is but a brief summary of my past year. I hope to be able to have a chance somewhere in the near future to share my experiences with the homeschooling young men, just to share what I have gained, and that they may mentally prepare themselves for the challenges in the NS.

It is not an easy road, but God has been leading and guiding me. This year is ORD year! Yeah!






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