It’s been a long time…

me and dad photo from my recent study trip to Thailand. more on that in another post!

Oh yes, It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on Standing for the Faith. My activities for a good part of this year have been on Christian education, and I’ve been more active on my other blog:

Just would like to share this song which was the theme for our recent Vacation Bible School:

Build It Well:

We are building every day,
In a good or evil way,
And the structure as it grows,
Will our inmost self disclose,

Build it well! (Build it well!)
Whate’er you do; (Whate’er you do;)
Build it straight! (Build it straight!)
And strong and true. (And strong and true.)
Build it clean! (Build it clean!)
And high and broad; (And high and broad;)
Build it for (Build it for)the eye of God!(the eye of God!)

Till in every arch and line,
All our faults and failings shine,
It may grow a castle grand,
Or a wreck upon the sand.
Do you ask what building this,
That can show both pain and bliss,
That can be both dark and fair?
Lo, its name is character.

Its a wonderful song, actually a very old hymn. I unearthed it when I was looking for the theme song for the VBS.

The score is here: (I like! Great place to get scores!)
(The audio was a informal duet done by me and my dad so the VBS workers could learn the song. 🙂 )


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