Isaiah 48:1

Isaiah 48:1 Hear ye this, O house of Jacob, which are called by the name of Israel, and are come forth out of the waters of Judah, which swear by the name of the LORD,AND MAKE MENTION OF THE GOD OF ISRAEL, BUT NOT IN TRUTH, NOR IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.

This is an interesting verse, God through Isaiah, tells Israel, you make mention of Me, but not in truth and righteousness. Applied to today, You call yourselves CHRISTians, but don’t behave like one. Everywhere I look, there are Christians who don’t live in truth and righteousness. Joining the Facebook community has burdened me even more so, when I see Christians engaging in activities that are not glorifying to God, liking movies and TV-shows that are anti-God.

Dear reader, if Jesus were to come across your Facebook wall and profile, would He smile and say well done? Your religion on your profile may be Christian, but the movies and TV-shows you liked are no different from the world. Would Christ say the same thing to you, “YOU MAKE MENTION OF THE GOD OF ISRAEL, BUT NOT IN TRUTH, NOR IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.” That is a serious indictment.

Many Christians are content to serve God and do church work, go soul-winning, AND on the other other hand, go to the movies, listen to rock music, ccm, be bitter, hold grudges, associate with ungodly friends. If that is not what you call hyprocrisy, I don’t know what it is. May we never reach a stage where our sacrifices and service to God become abominations! I say we because I myself am constantly examining my work for Christ and making sure that on the day of judgement, I won’t be a castaway. Will you be one? Will you make mention of God’s name, but not in truth and righteousness? Will you make God serve with your iniquities and sins? (Isaiah 43:24) Reading Isaiah for Bible reading really convicts my heart. I hope what I have written will be used of God to convict yours too.

It is time to seek the LORD.


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