Everyone so far knew:  Jeremiah doesn’t have a facebook. That is now past memory. 030913. Jeremiah Tan is now a facebook member.

Why? I feel that after 5 years of turning down invitations to join facebook, I need to explain why I am now joining. I’m not caving in to peer pressure. I never considered having a Facebook as long as I was in school. But I have graduated. G-R-A-D-U-A-T-E-D. 🙂

It’s different now. I have maintained Facebook was a waste of time. Actually, for most people, it is. But I want to lay down my reason for joining facebook.

My adventures in social media began when I started my website that is now defunct, http://www.jeremiahttc.co.cc. After maintaining it for awhile. It collapsed. Absorbed in other things, and because it was free-hosted, and I needed to go through many things to renew my hosting, I gradually dropped it’s maintenance. The website ceased to exist. The adventure came to a standstill. Until last year.

My opinions and influence caused people around me to encourage me to start a blog. That I did. Standing for the Faith on blogger jttx96.blogspot.sg was born in December last year. I liked blogger due to its embedding capabilities but never saw my real audience.

Enter WORDPRESS. My close friend Edward joined WordPress http://eassilva.wordpress.com/, and after considering the pros of WordPress, i joined. Standing for the Faith on WordPress was born, followed by Blogging NCA, and Victorious Pictures, my latest addition to my WordPress family. Likes and followers and stats allowed me to see the growing audience I was beginning to reach.

After I finished school, I began to seriously consider joining Facebook. For one purpose: Getting down to the place where the people are and publicizing my blog content to people around me. Having asked my dad for approval, 3rd September, 2013. I joined Facebook.

Facebook is neither good nor evil. It is a tool. A hammer may be used to drive a nail into a cupboard, or used to smash a persons head. I pray that I will use this tool wisely for God’s honor and glory. I wrote recently in my essay on the local church:

 Much is to be learned from the zeal and compassionate soul-winning efforts of the early Christians and the early church of the 1st century. The early church did not possess the modern communication technologies available today, and yet they reached the world. Nowadays, the world is just a Facebook™ post or a phone call away. With the aid of social media and modern modes of transportation like airplanes and cars, Apostle Paul would most certainly have reached the whole wide world with the Gospel by now.  Churches of today must realize the urgency of the hour and make efforts and sacrifices to reach the lost, just like the early church did.

The Early Church in Acts: Lessons for Today’s Church

I pray that God will allow me to use my influence on Facebook to encourage others to stand for the faith and reach others for Christ. 🙂


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