Testimony Made At Ambassador Baptist Church 4th Anniversary

Hello all and good morning! For those who don’t already know me, my name is Jeremiah. I really thank God for this opportunity to stand before His people and share what God has been doing in my life. I hope whatever I say will be an encouragement to the hearers. The title of my ‘testimony’:




     First and foremost, I want to thank God for my family. They have really been a blessing to me, having my mom and dad to guide me has been wonderful, and for the last 16, going to 17 years of life, I can’t help but feel that my life has been very full and well spent. I also thank God for my brother and sisters who have roughened me up, taught me how to be more patient and loving. Yes, I thank God for my family, besides God, they are the second, out of the three things that are the most integral part of my life.

    The second thing I want to thank God for is my CHURCH!! ABC!!! I really am thankful for the wonderful opportunities of service that God has given to me at ABC. I thank God for giving me grace to ‘work my way up,’ from Sunday School student, through the chapel, to Sunday School teacher. Right now, God has also given me a follow-up group, known as LAMBS. (Most of the kids are here.) I am really thankful for this opportunity to help this little ones grow. It has also really been a blessing and privilege to finally work alongside my Sunday School teachers, Bro Chai Heng and Sis. Isabella. Another thing I have to give thanks for is for the church’s sponsorship of my studies in FBI. It has been a wonderful time of learning and equipping myself for God’s work. I am now halfway through, 3 semesters to go!!


      I want to thank God for the people in Ambassador that God has used to mould my life. Like I mentioned earlier, I thank God for Bro. Chai Heng and Sis. Isabella who taught me in Sunday School, and even my teaching skills were also picked up from them. Thank God for my youth leaders, Bro. Desmond and Sis. Jamie, for faithfully teaching God’s Word in the youth and organizing exciting youth camps. Thank God for the many members who rallied together to organize the VBS in June. I was really heartened at the smooth running of the camp, not to mention being camp master for the first time. Something which is really only by God’s grace.

      I would like to praise God also for the wonderful spirit that still lies in the members of ABC. Yes, we all have our flaws and our problems, but in the midst of all the trials and temptations that surrounds us, I am thankful for the members who still actively reach out. I would like to share something that really, really, made my day yesterday. It was yesterday that we saw a family going to Sembawang Park, and thoughtfully brought one the neighbourhood kids along. Other people or non-believers might think, it’s a family outing, why should we trouble ourselves to bring another child along? But that is the Christ-like spirit, something I was really, really encouraged to see. God knows who this family is and will reward accordingly. (See article, “Cups of cold water,”for a detailed rundown.)

      In summary, I would like to challenge everyone, especially youth, to remember your Creator, and serve Him! I don’t have much time to share all that is in my heart, that would be an hour long sermon, but serving God and being active in the ministry has really given me a sense of meaning in life and challenged me to purify myself and keep running the Christian race. Once again, I would like to thank God for ABC, and the members which make up to church, wonderful people who have touched my life in so many ways.

 Before I close, me, Jireh and Joanna would like to present a song. As a church, we are preparing to go into our ‘Promised Land,’ and we hope this medley would spur you on to ‘go in and possess the land.’ The Promised Land Medley will take you from Jordan’s Banks, to Glory Land, and hope it will encourage your heart.

Click to view video:

Serve Christ always!!


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