Peril by Choice

John Beekman had a weak heart and a heart murmur. He went to see a medical doctor.

John Beekman to medical doctor: “Would you advise me to consider missionary service?”
Medical Doctor to John Beekman: “Put it this way John, If I were you, I would rather give less years of my life to those who have never heard the Gospel than more years to those who have heard.

Peril by Choice, Hefley, James C.

(Readers discretion is advised when reading Peril by Choice. The book has a strong leaning toward the dynamic equivalency translation of the Bible, something I am very much against. I admire John and Elaine for their work among the tribes, and the Wycliffe Bible Translators for bringing the Bible to almost all the languages of the world, BUT in Psalms, the Bible says, “EVERY Word of God is pure.” I stand for the verbal plenary inspiration of the Bible. John Beekman, as accounted in Peril by Choice, had a part to play in changing the philosophy of the Wycliffe Bible Translators to the dynamic equivalency method of translation.)


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