Just as you can…

Just as you cannot convince me that an athlete can win the Olympic medal without training, you can never convince me that a Christian can be strong spiritually without reading God’s Word daily. Show me a Christian that has layers of dust of his Bible, and I will show you a weak and worldly Christian, out of touch with things of the spiritual realm. A Christian without the spiritual milk of the Word cannot grow thereby. Spiritual strength and power only comes from connecting with the power sources—God’s Word and prayer.

Tan, Jeremiah
Sword Club Chairman, 2013.

In January of the year 2012, a group of youth at Ambassador Baptist Church on the island of Singapore founded the Sword Club. The Sword Club is now in its second year.

We are Christians and Bible-believers, and we need to know God’s Word. This goal is at the heart of the Sword Club. We want to work together to enable youth and youth at heart to FINISH READING THE BIBLE IN ONE YEAR.

The Sword Club also holds meetings locally in Singapore to address questions about God’s Word. If you live in Singapore or even overseas and would be interested to join, email us at: theswordclub@gmail.com


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