“I am 13 years old and at a very young age my parents
taught my sister and I, from God’s Word, what the right way
to dress really was. But I never came to a conviction myself
until a while later. . . One day, about three years ago, I was
on the shore of a lake with two young teenage girls (they
were visiting with their grandparents who came to our
church). It was a hot afternoon so they suggested we wade in
the water. The younger girl, my sister and I pulled our skirts
up to our knees (we all had long skirts on), and waded out
into the water. The older girl stayed on shore and pulled her
skirt off to reveal very short shorts. I was a little
embarrassed. Then she said, ‘Why don’t you wear shorts?’ I
quickly answered, ‘My parents said I can’t; I don’t know
what’s wrong with them.’ Because I did not have my own
Bible conviction I gave in very easily to peer pressure. My
parents kept teaching us (and praying for us) about the way
we should dress as a Christian. A short while after the above
incident, Dad got me to do a study on 1 Timothy 2:9 to see
what God says about how I should dress. The study made me
think and after I had finished it I looked up other verses to
see what they had to say about how I should dress as a
Christian girl. As I began to find more verses and my parents
kept teaching me I developed my own conviction on the way
I believe God wants me to dress. It came through God’s
Word. From then on I have enjoyed wearing the clothes that
my Father in heaven would approve. With mum’s help I sew
my own modest clothes. (We have to because there is
nothing in the shops which is acceptable!) I am very thankful
to my parents for teaching me the way they did and for
encouraging me to study God’s Word myself; otherwise I
may never have come to my own Bible conviction on what
modesty for women really is.”

David Cloud, Dressing for the Lord
(His book is available through www.wayoflife.org)


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