This is man…

This is man. How can you guess why he is here? But when you find that man is ” the child of a King,” and that the earth is his royal inheritance, then you know that
his first duty (and it ought to be his greatest pleasure) is to find out what God’s will is concerning him, and to do it. He finds that God has revealed His will to him; he finds that God says to him, ” All this world is yours; even my sovereign will, will you restrain your will; do with these things just as you like–but remember that for every ounce of your strength, for every atom of your influence, and for every moment of your life, I will hold you responsible. All I ask of you is that you obey the laws that I, in my infinite wisdom, have made for your happiness–laws wiser than man can make for himself, laws that link his happiness to his virtue, and his prosperity to his righteousness–laws that make it possible for him to rise up to and live upon that exalted plane to which I call my children.”

“The Bible or Evolution”
Bryan, William J.


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