My Ideal

Here’s a good poem I would like to share. My sister memorized quite a bit of this poem. I find the physical characteristics rather interesting, but the spiritual aspects are something every young lady should aspire to find in a life partner, and every young man should aspire to live up to.

Penned by Elizabeth Scott, at age 18,


I’ll recognize my true love
When first his face I see;
For he will be strong and healthy,
And broad of shoulder be:
His movements will be agile,
Quick, and full of grace;
The eyes of Galahad will smile
Out of his friendly face.

His features won’t be Grecian,
Nor yet will they be rough;
His finger will be flexible,
Long, and strong, and tough:
Oh he’ll be tall, and active
As any Indian,
With rounded muscles rippling out
Beneath his healthy tan

His interest is boundless
In every fellow man;
He’ll gladly be a champion
As often as he can:
Oh, he’ll be democratic,
And maybe shock the prude;
He will not fawn before the great,
Nor to the low be rude.

He’ll be a splendid “mixer,”
For he has sympathy
Perhaps his most pronounced trait
Is versatility;
If Providence should drop him
In any foreign town,
He’d somehow speak the language
And find his way around.

He’ll have a sense of humor
As kindly as it’s keen;
He’ll be a mighty tower
On which the weak may lean.
His patience and unselfishness
May readily be seen;
He’s very fond of children,
And the children worship him.

He will not be a rich man,
  He has no earthly hoard;
His money, time, heart, mind and soul
  Are given to the Lord,
He’ll be a modern Daniel,
  A Joshua, a Paul
He will not hesitate to give
  To God his earthly all.

He’ll be, he’ll be, my hero– 
  A strong-armed fighting man,
Defender of the Gospel,
  And a Christian gentleman.

Oh , if he asks a Question,
My answer “Yes” will be!
For I would trust and cherish
Him to eternity.

Elizabeth Scott is better known as Betty Stam, the wife of John Stam. They were martyred as missionaries by the Red Army in China in 1934.



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