Hello there! Welcome to my blog! I hope that you will find this place to be full of resources that will help you in your Christian walk, and to Stand for the Faith! Blogs are often created for complaints, for journals, for advertisement, but this blog aims to be a place of challenge and encouragement. May you leave refreshed, revitalized, and challenged to Stand for the Faith!

P.S. If you find this blog more like  a website, it supposed to be that way! 😀

UPDATE: I started this blog without an intention of it being a place for posting various stuff to help others in their Christian walk (especially young people and youth)! However I am pleased to be able to put the stuff I will be posting into three main catergories:

1. Uncatergorized–Articles and Random Spiritual Stuff

2. Standing Bits! 🙂 This will be some light stuff, peppered with bits of humor, to bring across a Christian message. (See https://jttx96.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/the-sad-predicament-of-many-churches/for an example)

3. Quotes that Stand–I think this is by far everyone’s favorite. I will try to post quotes as often as I can. Quotes that edify, and build up Christians in the faith. Quotes that Stand.


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